meri-photoMeri Tepper is a Wisconin Registered Architect. She worked with the NYC office of Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects from 2004-2014.  Today, Meri works with homeowners on a variety of project types. She also serves as the Director of Design for the Design/Build  firm Associated Housewrights. Her practice is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Meri is an equally talented creative and technical architect.  Trained by the International Passive House Association, Meri’s designs embrace current building science and energy efficient construction techniques.

Meri studied at the University of Virginia.  She  received her Master of Architecture Degree in 2004 and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2001.

Meri’s career began with 18 months in Europe working for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.  She planned and guided architectural study tours throughout Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and France. During this time she developed an academic interest in residential design,energy efficient building construction, and the modern Scandinavian style.

Meri’s master’s thesis, titled Sited in the Setback, proposed doubling the density of first ring suburbs like Levittown NY with accessory dwelling units.  Her thesis work received multiple awards and is still relevant to the current housing crisis and ADU policy.

Meri is committed to leadership development and mentoring the next generation of designers. But more than anything she enjoys helping homeowners love their houses.