Concepts Consult Review October 2021

I learned about Meri’s work through a curious process of cross references (made possible by Houzz). I was immediately drawn to her approach, the sophisticated simplicity of her designs and the light filled spaces in her portfolio. My home is a typical two story/3 bds (built in 1906!) that although renovated, had the basic design structure intact. I needed advice on bringing natural light into the kitchen/ dining area (within the existing floor plan) and on minor kitchen updates. Meri came for a two hour consultation session and it is hard to summarize all she did in a limited amount of time and the impact of her advice. The first thing that stands out is how much she cared about this small consultation and how eager and passionate she was at her craft. She was ready to direct all her knowledge and energy to the task. She took a careful look at the entire house, focusing on the physical characteristics and how each space was used. She paid attention to my design style, asked excellent questions, assessed the structure, the surrounding houses, the garden, the orientation. She listened to my design ideas/budget considerations and with an impressive clarity and speed went over cost /design scenarios. She has an outstanding ability to consider cost and design options and a detailed knowledge of building materials cost-quality trade offs. We settled on a particular option and she provided invaluable information about particular manufacturers/styles of windows, doors, tiles, lights, etc. She paid attention to every detail. Meri’s design advice gave me all I needed to move forward with my general contractor. I can not thank her enough for agreeing to share her knowledge and for playing a crucial role in making older houses like mine functional and attractive. It was a privilege to work with her.

Concepts Consult Review March 2022

 I cannot tell you how astonishingly productive (and therapeutic!) today’s session was!  It’s like you helped us shift up stale and stagnant energy that’s been gunking up our thinking process/relation to our beloved home for years and years.  We are calling to book a survey first thing on Monday a.m.  We can tell you once we have that in hand, but in the meantime, if you can start to think about putting us in your work queue for a “feasibility study,” we’d be thrilled.  We are clear that we’d really like to take that next step with you.  

In any event, working with you today was unbelievably helpful, and we’d be thrilled if we could have your expertise, vision, and time for the next round.