Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects
Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects
Interior of Ryall Porter Sherdian Architects 1965 Broadway project.

Upper West Side Apartment 

“Meri –  A great deal of our family’s home is now planned by you – and built under your conscientious watch.  Thank you for this beautiful and functional environment, and for all your skill and care – Always, J, M, A & P”

The goal with this project was to create a seamless combination of  two apartments that would connect 2 new bedrooms, 2 new bathrooms, a playroom, an office/guest bedroom and new entry foyer to the existing living spaces of the apartment already occupied by the family.  Working closely with the owners and their decorator, we developed a design incorporating a lively palette of materials and colors to create a unique home for this family.

Project Architect and designer with Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects