Wisconsin Passive House in the Woods

This is an older story, but one that I want to feature now that I am a Passive House Designer working in the cold climate of Wisconsin.   Please take some time to browse this website to learn about project which was built between 2009-2010 in the town of Hudson, WI.  I appreciate that this that house has no boiler and no furnace yet remains comfortable and net-energy positive during the winter.  (I can talk with you about Passive Houses can endeavor to achieve this level of comfort and energy savings)

According to the team, the house ” blends economy, ecology, health and durability in ways only Passive House can. The project sets out to demonstrate that this level of performance and quality can be achieved with today’s technology—even in an extremely cold climate.”  Congratulations to Tim Eian of TE Studio for being one of the first in Wisconsin to promote Passive House building technique.

I hope they host another house tour soon!